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I also feel your pain.  I have lab where I do electron microscopy (clinical {if they'd send me any} and research), confocal microscopy and histology.  I also have added cryosectioning and will be adding a micro-CT and a deconvolution microscope (working at a BSL-2 level) with no increase in hours.  I'm 80% and my lab will be shut down at the end of the year because I do not bring in enough revenue.

Clinical or research-it appears there aren't enough of us and we aren't appreciated.  Have the CEO of your company send out a blanket e-mail mentioning a reduction in staffing when everyone knows that I'm the only one, talk about lack of job security.

Grrr,  hey at least the sun is shining and there are blue skies!

Paula  :-)

Paula Sicurello
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> That's alright whenever I take
> vacation I come back to all the work sitting here waiting
> for me.  I just took 2 weeks off and it took 3 weeks to
> catch up so I feel your pain.
> Roberta Horner
> Penn State University
> Animal Diagnostic Lab
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> I have just found out this morning that I will be unable to
> attend NSH
> this year.  This alone is unfortunate news for me but,
> interestingly
> enough, is not due to budget issues.  The reason I am
> "fuming" this
> morning is not because there is no funding for my
> attendance (that was
> already in place), but because there is such a serious
> shortage of
> histotechs in this country that there is no one to cover
> me!  A
> "traveler" is out of the question (that's a budget issue!);
> anyone that
> might be hiding and is not known to me to be available in
> our city would
> have to have about a month's lead time to get vetted for
> the position
> through the State.  Anyone that thinks that histology
> is not important
> should try to fill a position when there is such a shortage
> of trained
> and qualified technicians.   If we, as
> histologists, do not begin to
> make ourselves more visible and promote our profession as a
> worthy,
> fulfilling and job-secure life, more and more of us will
> find ourselves
> in this position. Thank you - I feel better for having
> Fumed.  There is
> no need to reply as I know many of us are in the same
> boat.  I was in
> the boat and lost my paddle!
> Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)
> NM Dept. of Agriculture
> Veterinary Diagnostic Services
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> 505-841-2576
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