[Histonet] Enteric Nervous System.

Ian Montgomery ian.montgomery <@t> bio.gla.ac.uk
Tue Sep 22 09:30:56 CDT 2009

            Start of October I'm giving a lecture on the enteric nervous
system and I'm short of a few images. I've got beautiful micrographs of the
neurones stained with silver and conventional stains, but lack some IHC of
various neuropeptides either in sections or 'en face' As it's the start of
the semester time is not on my side trying to prepare some specimens for
this class, so, can anyone help? Species, I don't care, brightfield or
fluorescence, just as long as it looks nice for the class. Naturally you'll
get full recognition for your work.    



Dr. Ian Montgomery,


I.B.L.S. Support Unit,

Thomson Building,

University of Glasgow,


G12 8QQ.


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