[Histonet] gastrocnemius muscle problems in paraffin

Gaupp, Dina D dgaupp <@t> tulane.edu
Tue Sep 15 13:29:25 CDT 2009

Hi All:
I am having difficulty sectioning mouse gastro. muscle.  They were brought to lab in 4-5mls(not enough fix) of 10%nbf for 3 days.  Processed for over 8 hours(vacuum from 95% to Paraffin everyother station) .  The tissue will not section.  The white area appears once surfaced inidicating tissue was not well processed or fixed completely.  Has anyone experience what the next step would be to do?  Was the tissue not well infiltrated with paraffin for it not to section?  Is the tissue overprocessed?  Should I go back & reprocess with paraffin only?  Any help........
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