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Often on-line vendors do not 'like' and sometimes do not accept 'free-mailer' email addresses like yahoo, g-mail, hotmail, etc. because they are frequently faked or spoofed.  This is often an issue with the payment processor (the company the supplier hires to process credit cards) not the supplier directly.  These processors frequently get burned by scam artists and it can sometimes cost the processor lots of money, hence their reluctance to process free email addresses.  They are looking for pay for service addresses from internet access providers like Quest, Mediacom, or your company, etc.  For those (and there are many of us these days) who save money by using a free-mailer, this issue can be a problem.  You can complain to the supplier and they may be able to pressure the processor to some degree but it is almost certainly not directly their issue.  Look to see whose secure site you are transferred to when you go to pay for your purchase on-line.  That may tell you the company who is actually setting this rule.

If Beckman is actually processing their payments and making the rule directly, then try using a different email address (the best ones that are set up via your own company, ie yourname <@t> yourcompany.com).  In the absence of a 'real' email addy, I presume you have tried the telephone ordering approach.  If they won't take an order over the phone without a 'real' email addy, then you are in a world of hurt.  Be sure that you are using a physical address for your location and ship to address that is trusted and can be independently confirmed.  That may help them be less concerned.  

Best of luck.

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I just ran into an interesting issue that I thought I'd share. I was trying to place a credit card order with Beckman Coulter but was denied due to them not liking my email address. Mind you, I was willing to pay with a credit card. I placed the order on 9/2 and have been fighting with them ever since. Ridiculous! Today they were standing by their policy of not accepting my email address as a business address so I'm taking my business elsewhere. Just thought I'd share this with those of you looking for a company to do business with. 
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