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WE do not store our 10 NBF in flammable storage.

However, Could you tell me where you found this direction of storing
only 1 gallon per 100 sq. feet in a flammable cabinet, and 1 gallon
outside?  More specific than NFPA.  I have been unable to find that
anywhere, our safety folks tell us that if they are in a flammable
cabinet the amount per room size doesn't matter.

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No, it is ridiculous. Safety people tried to argue this with us years
One of our pathologists told them, "How can something that is almost 90%

water be a combustion hazard?"

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We have been directed by our Safety Officer to store all formalin (37%
and 10% NBF) in a flammable storage room, cabinet or container.  Yes,
37% Formalin we do store in this manner, but I have never heard of this
requirement for 10%NBF.  I looked on line to many MSDS sheets from
different vendors and found only one that stated such storage
requirements for 10% NBF.  During this search I found all but one
company states that formalin is not flammable.  I brought this to the
Safety Officer.  He agrees that it is not "flammable" but that it IS
"combustible".  Combustible=Flash point of 100F to 200F.  Of the dozen
sites I visited I found the following data concerning the Flash Point of
10% NBF: from "NA / >200F / 122F to 185F".  The NFPA (National Fire
Protection Agency) guideline of no more than 1 gallon in a flammable
storage container and 1 gallon outside of a safety cabinet/container per
100 square feet is already quite limiting.  Using this guideline, we
have calculated acceptable volumes of the known flammables (Alcohols and
Xylenes) we can store.  Adding 10% NBF to the equation will have us
traveling to our "bulk" storage area constantly.  Does anyone out there
store 10%NBF in flammable cans/cabinets?
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