[Histonet] Peloris tissue processor

evette demaisip e_dema2000 <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Sep 9 19:51:30 CDT 2009

Hi. We're currently setting up a histopath lab. We've purchased Peloris tissue processor and have been test processing tissues under different hour protocols. We encountered problems in the 8-hr and 5-hr protocols.Both produced tissues that were too difficult to section in the microtome.  My histotechs showed me tissues that were like brittle plastics. Despite reprocessing, the tissues came out the same in the 8-hr protocol. We reprocessed the 5-hr tissues for 12 hrs, the tissues looked microscopically ok. I suspect the tissues were too thickly sampled and poorly fixed. May ask for feedback/advice on the ff;?
1. Possible reasons?
2. Steps to prevent this in the future?
3. Reprocessing protocol in Peloris.

Thank you so much.
Dr. Evette Demaisip

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