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Judy,  We have been using Dragon also for about the same length of time mentioned by Michael.  All pathologists, cytotechs and PA's use it.  It is a fantastic program if used properly and with the right attitude.  

1) There are some words that it will always have problems with ie. Tan/ten/tin/ for example are difficult to distinguish between.
2) If in your mind it's not going to work - It won't! It knows :)
3) Creation of Macros, templates and commands make it a breeze.
4) Removing words from its dictionary.  Words that you will never ever use can be very helpful when Dragon interprets words with something bizarre. 
5) Or the opposite: train a command with a bizarre word ie. "BINGO" so that a command won't be performed in error by speaking a word that could be found in routine dictation. 
6) Train it for phrases, rather than single words
As you can see there are a lot of little "tricks" that we would be happy to pass on that will make the transition less frustrating.  Use other's experiences to expedite your process and I think you too will find it's awesome.  

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Judy, my company and I have been experimenting with Dragon since version 4.
The current version is 10.  

The bottom line summary is Yes, it will work if you 

1.  put a lot of time in it, or
2.  use a lot of macros/shortcuts/items of that nature.

When it works, it's pretty awesome.  If you need more details, please let me
know.  I'd be happy to share.

Michael Mihalik
PathView Systems | cell: 214.733.7688 | 800.798.3540 | fax: 952.241.7369

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Has anyone had any experience with the Dragon dictating system? Pro's or

Thanks for your opinions

Judy McKinney    
John Peter Smith Hospital
Fort Worth Texas
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