[Histonet] Plastic Thin Sections Won't Stay

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Try coating your slides with Haupt's adhesive. It can be purchased commercially from Fisher (or you can make it yourself using glycerin, gelatin, and phenol) and then cut it 1:1 with 50% EtOH to prepare a working dilution. I have used Haupt's for many years on both small (1x3 slides) and large (2x3 slides) and have NEVER lost a section (knocking on wood now...LOL) to staining. Make sure to look over your slides before use to insure adequate coating of the slide.


Please keep in mind that with every new thing you bring into the lab, you should do some testing of your own. Specifically, you will want to research the concentrate that works best for your staining as it does yield to some degree of background when staining with hematoxylin, fast green, and aniline blue if the concentration is too high.


Jack Ratliff

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> We are re-visiting thin sectioning of MMA embedded items. The sections are great, but none of them stay on the slides for the staining. We're trying Sta-On, and have tried chrome alum slides. We use a butoxy mixture to stretch them and immuno quality slides. Any ideas?
> Thanks for your help!
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