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Why do I keep feeling more and more like these guys are the 'contractors', and we are the 'government'. i.e. $50 screwdrivers come to mind... I think we need to start looking into these guys like others are looking into the pharmaceutical market pricing. They think they have us over a barrel. I say we put them in the barrel and pitch them over the falls. (the higher the better)  How about paying for their goods based on how much we get reimbursed by insurance/midicare/etc for the testing using their products. Although I have to say my little experience with immunos (on derm frozen sections, no less) I was really happy with Biocare. They sent tech specialists to help out with protocols and troubleshooting even though we didn't even know if we were even going to do the testing at all. Customer service was always great and very patient. They even transfered me to a specialist if they didn't know the answers! Even their kits were compatable with other antibodies, and I was using predilutes. Never failed me, and improved the staining of the other brand antibodies when their own kits didn't work.
Sorry. Tons of stress and migranes the past few days. I might be on the verge of going Histo if I'm not careful. Is it Friday yet?


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I've had great luck with Biocare as well.  They've been my primary supplier for detection kits and ancillaries since 2003.  I'm probably going to check them out for my DAB needs due to Dako DAB+ going from $170 to $400 for 110 mL.

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