[Histonet] incubator oven

Kalleberg, Kristopher Kristopher.Kalleberg <@t> unilever.com
Wed Mar 11 08:40:18 CDT 2009

Hi All,
I desperately need to get a new incubator oven for my histology lab.  It
seems as if most ovens are now convection ovens.  Since my old oven is
not convection I am just concerned that the constant air movement will
some how affect the tissue slides in the way the paraffin in melted
before the processing of the slides.  I will be using this oven for
strictly melting paraffin containers to have ready for embedding center
and for baking of slides to melt paraffin prior to processing.  Has
anyone had any concerns or issues with these new convection ovens or can
they recommend a decent oven to buy.  it just needs to be a medium sized
Thanks in  advance.
Kris kalleberg
kristopher.kalleberg <@t> unilever.com

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