[Histonet] vector blue- xylene soluble- any alternatives

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If I am not mistaken vectamount is an aqueous mountant, dpx is
xylene/toluene based and requires going thru alcohols and xylene to mount.
One thing I do and you can try it, is airdry the slides and the use
permanent mounting media without going thru alcohols and xylene, keep in
mind there is a little solvent in the media so it may have an effect.  I do
this with Fast Red substrate chromogen for AP have not tried it on vector
blue.  The other option is to use an aqueous mountant and seal the coverslip
edges with clear nail polish.

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hello everyone,

                    i have a problem which i dont know how to tackle, the
problem is that i have purchased vector blue as a chromogen and it is xylene
soluble can anyone suggest me how to avoid this.... as funds are low i cant
purchase xylene substitutes. 


second question been, ...sorry this has been a addition ......

what is the difference between the DPX mountant and other permanent mounting
media like vectamount. kindly answer these questions...



Anjan Kumar

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