[Histonet] service manual

Leroy Brown rhbrown1 <@t> histocs.com
Tue Jun 23 09:38:49 CDT 2009

Hi,  I need to acquire a  service manual for a stainer I just picked up to use in  my lab.  

It is the Tissue-tek DRS 2000 and I wonder if anyone has one and  would be willing to make a copy of for me.   I know they do have  new ones but because they are very expensive -250.00. I can not  afford to buy it.   This is not the operation  manual, I have that already, it is the service manual.     

Also, I am just learning to use this stainer so if there is anyone out  there in histo-land who has one of these DRS2000 stainers, who would be  willing to contact me about how to set this machine up, I would be very  grateful too be able to speak to you.  

I would be able to pay you for your time and effort for the  service manual copy.   Thanks in advance.   

LeRoy Brown HT(ASCP)HTL   

Everson, WA 98247  


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