[Histonet] Pathology to OR Communication System

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We have this and hate it!  The speaker phone does not allow for
bi-directional conversations. The pathologist may report to the room
that he/she sees no tumor in section examined and the OR may only hear
tumor in sections examined.  This is not a good thing!


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Hi Luke
A simple cheap solution would be to buy telephones for the OR and the
lab that have speaker phone capabilities.  No expensive purchase cost or
installation required.
Tony Reilly

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>>> "Perkocha, Luke" <luke.perkocha <@t> ucsf.edu> 23/06/2009 2:41 am >>>
Hello All,

We have a very old speakerphone system that we use to call from the
pathologist's office in to our operating rooms to discuss frozen section
diagnoses with the surgeons. Both sides are yelling and straining to
hear and we're concerned about the risk for miscommunication. We can't
go into the OR directly, since Pathology and the OR are too far apart

We're looking for some sort of telephone-based communications system,
perhaps with a speaker and microphone that can be mounted near the
surgeon, so that when we call into the OR with the frozen section
diagnosis, it can be switched to speaker and the call can be continued
with direct and audible communication between the pathologist on the
phone in his/her office and the surgical team at the head of the
operating table.

Does anyone out there have a system like this?

Do you know of a commercial vendor who makes something that would work?

We tried an expensive "Polycom" system meant for conference calls, but
its 360 degree microphones picked up too much background noise in the

It seems like it should be a simple Radio Shack project, but we're all

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Luke Perkocha Luke.perkocha <@t> ucsf.edu<mailto:Luke.perkocha <@t> ucsf.edu>

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