[Histonet] obesity/cardiac study

Finlay Finlay f.finlay <@t> formed.gla.ac.uk
Thu Jun 4 09:30:35 CDT 2009

Hello histonet this is a call for any advice.

I am a purely lab-taught histotech based in the UK and have been
studying part-time to enable suitable accreditation and for my final
year project am intending to use the large back catalogue of blocks in
the forensic lab I work in to study cardiac changes associated with
obesity (this is of special interest in the West of Scotland where I

My intention is to select cases where obesity is judged (by pathologist)
to be a primary or secondary factor in cause of death and where other
factors (i.e. hypertension) were not indicated in life and compare with
an age-matched cohort to asses the correlation between obesity and
cardiac changes such as degree of interstitial fibrosis.

Initially I intend to take a single case with well developed
obesity-linked cardiac changes and do a range of stains (H&E, MSB, EVG,
PTAH, a range of trichromes, PSR) to determine which stains to use in
the whole study. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has
undertaken similar work with advice on range of stains/techniques or
tips on papers I should read or with any other advice. Also any advice
on immuno that I could undertake.

Thank you


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