[Histonet] Inflammation cell marker on Tissue & Quantitive Immunohistofluorscence

TF tifei <@t> foxmail.com
Tue Feb 24 23:48:13 CST 2009

Dear All:

Just wonder any one have the experience to work on inflammation on different tissues, especially Liver, SKIN, and Brain?
We want to look at wound-resulted inflammation level in these tissues, using immunohistochemical techniques rather RT-PCR / WB on cytokine levels.
Can anyone recommend different cell markers for these tisses, separately?

Another question is how about the Quantitive Immunohistofluorscence. I have some sections stained with Ed-1, marker of macrophage. It is very hard to count the number of positive cells ...can we use immunofluorescence instensity (same exposure time) or the area of positive region as the quantitive index? At least semi-qunatitive.



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