[Histonet] Practical Exam

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I remember a fellow tech. Lazy SOB. He had passed the test for the HTL, but couldn't pass the practical, because he really didn't know what he was doing (or cared). He once asked me if I would stain his registry slides along with our regular run of special stains. Needless to say I said NO! He couldn't understand why. (course I don't think he ever understood why his charm never worked on me either) I don't know if he ever passed the exam. I think he was at least on his second attempt at the practical. I also knew a path resident that was even lazier than the 'histotech' and didn't give a rat's patoot either. THAT really gave me the shutters/steamed me up. Then again, a lot of the Path residents didn't like me because I would take tissue back to them to recut because it was too thick to process adequately. Extra work you know. 
I'm so glad I only have to deal with one fellow a year now. They are much better to begin with.


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This has nothing to do with Bill or you Tom however, when the practical was
still being given people did come on histonet and ask for tissue in blocks
and help finishing the exam.  It was not a good thing and showed that some
people were not able to acquire the tissues needed or were not looking for
them.  Since I saw this several times and many of us were upset about it, I
can say at least a few people did not do their own if they could avoid it.
I don't remember names or locations so please don't ask for them. 

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