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Fri Feb 20 18:00:32 CST 2009

It is up to each individual institution to "test" a new hire for their competency.  We are lucky to have both an HT and HTL program at our hospital so when we hire a graduating student we already know their work habits and skill level.  If I do hire someone from the outside, they have 90 days that they are in a probationary period.  If during this 90 day period they have not proven their ability to complete the required work according to our standards, they could be let go or I have the option to extend the probationary period.  Whether they have completed a practical exam or not, they still need to prove they are competent after they are hired.  
We have had to hire from the outside (yes it is a pain going through this process) and you hope that your new hire is as competent as they claim to be.  But in the end you will be the one stuck with an incompetent employee if you don't "test" them and catch it before their probationary period ends.  Whether or not they have taken a practical exam really does not matter in the end, almost anyone can redo a stain enough times to get it right.  The real question is, can they do it right on a daily basis and in a timely manner?
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