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 Thanks to Jennifer for posting our Columbus State Histology program as well. The web address she provided will give anyone interested a lot of background information. The lecture and theory is online, but there is a signifigant clinical portion that is performed in histology laboratories. Of course, I think our program is very good as well. I would welcome any inquiries or questions from anyone interested in looking into our program. We have very good success rate- currently 100% pass rate on the registry and excellent placment rate of our students.


Joelle Weaver HTL (ASCP)


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> Columbus State Community College also has one: [1]www.cscc.edu/His tology/admission.htm
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> There is als=n online course available from Darton College,
> Darton Georgia.
> Tim Morken
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> There are 2 very good programs on line. One a=he Indiana
> University School of Medicine in Indianapolis and the other i=
> the HT program at Hartford Community College in Bel Air, MD.
> René=
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> I have a Lab assistant who would like to become an HT. She is int erested in OJTing here with us and taking the required classes
> on-lin=o that she can sit for her HT exam. Can anyone recommend
> a good program =r her?
> Thanks,
> Angie
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