[Histonet] CM..certified vs non-certified.

Ingles Claire CIngles <@t> uwhealth.org
Thu Feb 19 16:55:09 CST 2009

I firmly believe that all the book learning in the world can never replace good old experience. I don't think I could ever have passed the HTL the way it is now. I have always been a poor test taker. But give me something to troubleshoot and look out. You always have references to  look up procedures and stains, but nothing is written to help anyone who doesn't inately understand the dynamics and reasons behind WHY we do something the way we do. I have always thought loosing the Practical part is like getting your driver's license without taking the driving part of the test. I also think that 'real' (certified or not) histotechs, who are concerned with quality work and are proud of and love the jobs they do don't need the 'incentive' of CE's. They naturally want to keep learning more about their field and ways to improve it. It's almost friday...let the flaming begin!


It seems that the general consensus is people are sorry to see the practical part of the exam gone, but on the positive side, continuing education is now a requirement.  When you pass the exam it is only good for 3 years, you must participate in the certificate maintenance program to  keep your certificate.  IMO, this is a positive step..

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