[Histonet] Sanderson's Rapid Bone stain

Suzanne Bruce sbruce <@t> vetpathservicesinc.com
Wed Feb 18 15:45:46 CST 2009

Hello, I posted earlier regarding the Sanderson's Rapid Bone stain.  I forgot to mention that I will be using this stain on 75-100 micron thick ground sections  embedded in Technovit 7200 plastic.  
I am also wondering about paraffin staining using this stain.
Here's one response so far:
"I've used Sanderson's on plastic sections a lot in the past, works well.  Recently I tried it on rat tibias, decaled, FFPE.  Very disappointing.  They look like Toluidine blue-- all shades of blue & nothing else.  Now I just stick with von kossa and/or tetrachrome for those.
Any advice is welcome.  
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