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If you prepared both liters at the same time, the one with the crystals probably should be the last one you filled up with the original mixture. When I used to make my own hematoxylin I took special attention of constantly agitating the mixture and filling 2 bottles with small mounts in a way that both bottles were completely filled simultaneously.
Probably that is the difference between your 2 bottles.
Crystals are the result of not completely dissolving the components or precipitation due to lower temperature in unequally filled bottles. You could mix the contents of both bottles and fill them again sharing the solution equally between both.
René J.

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I have two liters of hematoxylin Lillie Mayer modification, "home
made" a
month ago. One bottle (1L) seems perfectly OK, but the other have some
precipitate (actually two or three very large crystals). They were stored in
the same cupboard at room temperature. Two weeks ago we were a few days
without the heating.
Does anyone have an idea what might have happened to my hematoxylin? Can I
do something to save this liter or should I discard it? What can I do to
prevent it from forming crystals in the future?
Thank you very much in advance!
Hana Peter
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