[Histonet] Histology in tough economy

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I need spelling nit-pickers, othewise I look really stoopid! Have a
great weekend, and don't forget to sign up for the blog.

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Here's hoping you don't have too many nit pickers criticizing your blog.

"It's a mighty poor speller who can't think of more than one way to
spell a word."
Warren G. Harding, President of the US, 1920-1923.

Peter Carroll wrote:
> here's hoping you spell-check your blog, bill ;)
> O'Donnell, Bill wrote:
>> Greetings fellow hsitology professionals.
>> In today's economic climate, many of us are finding ourselves faced 
>> with changes in our policies, staffing, spending, etc.
>> To that end I have started a histology blog.
>> This is a place to see what is happening in other labs and to share 
>> your own comments.
>> This blog is meant to be TEMPORARY in nature. IT IS NOT MEANT TO 
>> REPLACE THE HISTONET, as it is and remains a fine vehicle for 
>> communication and has a long history of serving our community
>> It is a place where threads can be long, unfettered and anonymous.
>> Allowing anonimity will free us to feel comfortable in our
>> People will need to register in order to comment.  However, you 
>> choose your username and password. A real e-mail address is also 
>> needed, but if it is generic,, that is, does not contaiin your name 
>> or institution, that is fine. (example: tech <@t> hotmail.com) The e-mail 
>> will only be used to contact you concerning this site and to send you

>> data once it has been compiled. It will not be sold or used iin any 
>> other fashion.
>> All registered users will be allowed contributer status.
>> We hope to hear from clinical, research, and veterinary histologists,

>> pathologists or administrators.
>> Sales and staffing professionals are also most welcome.
>> Every 30 days or so the accumulated data will be shared with each 
>> subscriber in the hopes that our profession might benefit from our 
>> collective wisdom and experiences.
>> I am not collecting this info for any personal gain, nor is there any

>> other motive than that of helping out our profession.
>> The link is http://histoblog.deaconbill.com/
>> I will resend this message from time-to-time so that all might have a

>> chance to participate.
>> If you have any questions regarding the use of this blog, please 
>> e-mail me directly at bill <@t> deaconbill.com
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