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Thu Feb 12 08:43:07 CST 2009

I find it smartly ironic that all these "Lab Managers", MBA's," Med Techs",
are so offended and defensive in regards to BOR(ASCP), for histology? Why?
There are journeymen electricians. Many technical fields have
registration/certification. I worked for 10 years as a Phlebotomist, a
Deiner, a lab assistant, and I didn't get paid squat until I went to
I.U.P.U.I., graduated on the Deans list and then sat for the exam (clinical
and practical), passed the exam etc. Part of the reason pathologists and
clinical lab scientists and MBA managers are so condescending about
histology, is because, they want it to always be an easy access career, and
the medical field is like the animal kingdom or a caste system, it has its
own little system of who is who and how dare you ask me that I am a (you
fill in the blank). Also, they can pay less. There are great techs who had
OJT, and went to school, as a  matter of complete fact, all NAACLS approved
schools are supposed to have a program in place for OJT as part of the
Histotechs education. This argument is ridiculous. I have to go, I am going
over to radiology to ask them if I can just be hired off the street to be
an x-ray tech,  I am an artist and I am great with wheelchairs, plus I have
worked around x-ray for 22 years, and I have gotten so many x-rays playing
sports, so I could do it!!! I will just get OJT!!

Christopher S Conlisk    HT(ASCP), PBT(ASCP)

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