[Histonet] Sections coming off of slides

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   There is a product that is carried by Newcomer Supply called Liquid
Coverslip. You can use this to coverslip the slide, wait for it to cure,
then soak it in warm water and float the coverslip with the attached
coverslip off. Then pick the section/coverslip up on a slide that you have
more confidence in. Then the coverslip can be disolved away in acetone if I
recall correctly. Then start the process over and hopefully the results will
be better. I'm not gonna swear to it ALL the time, but I have used this
process to remove sections from slides and have stained them with IHC
procedures. It would be unfortunate if after all that the section still fell
off though, right? Perhaps following the other thread about brain sections
falling off might help too. I can attest that hand staining is much more
gentle. I'd try that too.

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Hi all,

I just had a professor come to me asking if I had any tricks to rescue a
section that is partially off its slide.  This is formalin-fixed,
paraffin embedded mouse brain, and one section on one slide is half
attached and half floating after antigen retrieval for IHC (no, I don't
know which retrieval method he used, but I can find out if you need
it).  I've never tried to do this, and a search of the archives turned
up nothing, but my keywords may be off.    Has anybody managed to save a
section that was coming off the slide?

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