Begging for a skilled, certified HT (was Re: [Histonet] uncertified techs in Histology

Daniel Schneider dlschneider <@t>
Wed Feb 11 16:39:25 CST 2009

Where I come from, trained certified histotechs are rare as hen's teeth, and
the work is looking for them.  We employ OJT's because we have no
alternatives.  I wish our lab was 100% ASCP certified, program trained HT's.

In all seriousness, my group could use some trained certified histotechs.
If there are any trained certified histotechs out there who would seriously
entertain relocating to West Texas for long term employment, PLEASE email me
your resume and salary requirements.  If you have any questions before you
send your resume, don't hesitate to email me.

Daniel Schneider

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:55 AM, Steven Coakley <sjchtascp <@t>> wrote:

> Any thoughts or experiences with my fellow HT/HTL's(ASCP).  What the big
> advantage do all these facilities think there gaining by going with
> unregistered techs, especially when theres always ongoing quality issues *when
> theres so many trained certified HT looking for work?*  In my area of the
> country I can't believe how many Hospitals go this way.
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