[Histonet] RE:(Histotechs working in labs uncertified)

Christopher.Conlisk <@t> kp.org Christopher.Conlisk <@t> kp.org
Wed Feb 11 11:13:43 CST 2009

This irregular phenomenon doesn't exist all over the country. Fortunately
there are still many states that have strict guidelines and high quality.
Unfortunately California is not one of them. It does effect patient care
dramaticly. Tissue is cut away, people get injured, and its one of the few
careers that is still being unethically demoralized by facilities allowing
people who haven't a clue in regards to technical skill, practical
application, and basic knowledge to perform a highly technical job. We have
"histotechs", that don't understand what fixation is, can not identify
tissue, can not cut, and generally make my profession look bad. I strongly
feel you should be nothing less than an intern until you pass the "ASCP"
test for HT, or HTL, period. No Exceptions.

 Christopher S Conlisk    HT(ASCP), PBT(ASCP)

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