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95-100% also work, for bacteria, fungus, viruses. They will not work on
killing spores. That's where the 70% is to be used, as the water (30% part)
is needed to soften the spore wall, so that the alcohol (70% part) can get

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Why no 95%? We have been using it in perpituity with no bad effects. The
alcohol has evaporated from the inside surfaces by morning. 


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We use 70% ethanol on gauze (just damp) to wipe down inside of cryostat. Do
not use 95% or 100% alcohol, as 70% is the most effective for disinfection,
commonly used in biohoods. We pick up little trimmings with first dampened
gauze (or kim wipe) then re-wipe with a second gauze. We prefer gauze for
its flexibility.  Also, if you put a kimwipe or gauze behind knife holder to
l catch trimmings then you can fold up kimwipe, and lift "garbage" out,
intact, and go to biohazard container before wipe down.  We try to avoid too
much alcohol on knife holder parts since alcohol ruins lubricants needed for
good operation.  Check with your cryostat manufacturer to see what they
recommend.   It pays to wipe down under and over sliding glass door to
counterattack biohazardous "cling-ons" found on your gloves, and where
people have touched the instrument. 70% alcohol will not kill prions. 

Water based disinfectants freeze in cryostat. Eventually you need scheduled
disinfection with cryostat in defrosted mode with approved disinfecting

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