[Histonet] feulgen stain on brain sections

TF tifei <@t> foxmail.com
Fri Feb 6 21:51:06 CST 2009

Hi all, i amusing Feulgen staining to visualize the apoptotic cells on 20 um brain frozen sections.
The procedure is 5N HCl room temperature for 1.5 hour, wash in cool 1N HCl, wash in water, Schiff staining room temperature 1 h, wash throughly in distilled water, counterstain with 1% light green.

I have two questions here:
(1) after schiff staining, i can not visualize individual nucleui clearly, but all the section seems to be stained red.
(2) I use distilled water to prepare 1% light green, am I right? I can not counterstain the section well - or, possibly because the sections are still in red color.



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