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I remember reading an article maybe in the Histology Journal awhile ago. In
there it recommended rolling and blotting the tissue with a paper towel to
remove excess paraffin and then placing the specimen in a cassette and
putting that cassette directly into formalin. I never had an issues with
this process.

Sometimes I checked the block to see if I smell xylene. If I do smell
xylene that usually means the block needs more time in paraffin. We then
usually dropped the blocks in the paraffin tank on the embedding center.
They usually stayed there a few hours. Never was any of the fatty tissue
compromised from the extended time in paraffin.

All of this being said I worked at a very busy placed and we replaced
paraffin in our tanks everyday. So paraffin was always clean and never
affected by a few blacks place in the embedding tank.

Just some thoughts.

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What are people doing these days when they have to reprocess fatty tissue?

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