[Histonet] Self-Charging Microscope Slides

Kelvin Poon kelvin.poon <@t> dit.ie
Tue Feb 3 11:42:00 CST 2009

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the protocol used by 
manufacturers such as Menzel-Glaser regarding placing a permanent 
positive charge on their glass slides. In the case of M-G they are 
called Superfrost PLUS or ULTRA PLUS slides. The reason I am asking is 
because I wish to positively charge /quartz/ slides, rather than glass 
ones. Quartz is needed for my spectroscopy experiments. I am aware that 
it is relatively easy to self-coat slides if you wish to use 
poly-l-lysine or silane but both will show up as background interference 
in my case. I am actually unaware if and how well quartz can actually 
hold a charge. Any help appreciated!


*Dr. Kelvin W. C. Poon
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

*Radiation and Environmental Science Centre*

*focas** institute***

dublin institute of technology

camden row, dublin 8

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