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Dear Naira Margaryan,
Please clarify "in vivo", which means "in alive ...".  What is your  "..."?
Do you want to stain living cells in thin-layer tissue cultures, suspended cells (blood, haemolymph etc), or cells in whole organisms that are small enough to live under a coverslip (such as rotifers, little nematodes and protozoans)?  For larger animals, in vivo microscopy is possible only at the surface (skin and other accessible surfaces) or where there are transparent media (the eye).
Beware of adverts for fluorescent stains with catchy names! If you hope to be a career scientist you will run into the peer review process, which is severe and does not like results based on unexplained trade secrets.
If you explain your question on histonet, you will get plenty of  good advice, supplemented with peer-reviewed references that you can check.  
John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada
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> Hi histonetters,
> I am looking for some dye to be used in vivo like cell tracker 
> or similar might work for identifying live cells.
> Any suggestions are appreciated,
> Naira
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