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Does this average include trimming into the block or just the actual cutting
of the section?


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The productivity of a histotech is completely different with the number of
slides a cytotech is allowed to screen daily.
In the first case the final product is not affected by an increase of the
productivity but in the second it is. A cytotech has to exert judgment while
screening and could get easily tired compromising his/her diagnostic
Having said that, the cutting range for histotechs is from 5 to 70
blocks/hour with an average of 24 (sample size = 245 histolabs).
René J.

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Hi Histonet,
I know we have discussed the average blocks histotechs cut per hour, but
does anyone know if there is a maximum blocks that can be cut per hour? Or
per day? We have regulations for cytotechs who are reading slides for
maximum slides they can read per hour and are wondering if there is any
similar regulation for histotechs.
Thank you all for you help,

Katelin Lester, HTL (ASCP)
MedSurg Pathology Associates, Inc.
(503) 443-2157

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