[Histonet] Cutting GI biopsies with multiple levels

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Wed Dec 9 12:33:41 CST 2009


One of our pathologists is looking at a method for cutting GI biopsies that
differs in complexity from the way we currently do them.  Currently we cut
just 2 levels at 4 microns thick, 40 microns apart and only showing 2
sections on each level.  In the new plan, if there were a maximum of 5 small
pieces per block, the idea is that we would cut 10 serial sections at 4
microns thickness, split the ribbons in half on the waterbath, and then put
5 sections vertically on 1 side of the slide and the other 5 sections
vertically on the other side of the slide.  We would then face in 40 microns
and repeat the process for a second slide for a total of 2 slides, 20
sections of tissue, 120 microns between the first and the last section.
I am happy to do this if our pathologists believe that it would improve
their diagnosis.  Since we do about 400 biopsies like this a month, I would
like to look at our workload to see how to change our staffing with this
method.  I would like to get an idea of the difference in time between the 2
methods.  Does anyone else do a similar method and would be willing to share
their experiences?  I am primarily interested in the amount of time it would
take an experienced tech to cut a biopsy like this.  We have tried it out,
but our techs are far from experienced with this method.

Thanks for your time.

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