[Histonet] Bachelor's Degrees

Nathan Jentsch njblademaster <@t> gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 13:46:09 CST 2009

Let me tell you that this is an extremely frustrating point for me not for
getting a job but for getting a license in New York State (which is related
because I'm technically supposed to have a license to work).  Despite the
fact that I have a B.S. in a science field and have been working competently
at my job for almost two years now, the state wants me to have an A.S. in
histotechnology to get my license.  They won't even consider HT
certification as sufficient.  If a collective group of experts in the fields
of laboratory science and pathology say I'm qualified, why isn't that good
enough for a bunch of beurocrats who can't even manage the pocket book of
our state.


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