[Histonet] Joe-animal vs human (and research vs. clinical)

Cheryl tkngflght <@t> yahoo.com
Sat Dec 5 10:33:58 CST 2009

 Hi Joe--
I've done both kinds of histo including research animal and veterinary dx as well as people parts, and I've hired many techs transitioning both ways. What you've read it pretty much so...with consideration for pace.
Going from animal to human is EASY!  Going the other way is a little harder.  Human tissue labs have optimal processing, consistent densities, rarely over dried or hard to cut (yes, there are exceptions but have you ever cut over-processed rat spleen, baluga whale blubber or seal skin with 600 hairs/sq cm??? EEEK!!)
What you will want to be aware of is the PACE of the work.  If he's coming from research, he may need a little prompting for keeping his speed up.  In my experience research has a more varied pace of work.  Clinical labs are full speed 95% of the time.
A little support with knowing his tissue types and pacing his production and your new tech should be just fine.
Cheryl Kerry,HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc.

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