[Histonet] what book to study for registry?

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When i took my reg exam i used the carson book and it went well for me.  I do know a new edition came out though.  Also i went to a class at a regional confrence to help prepare for the exam if you guys have a fax number i would be more than happy to fax you the study material they gave us.  It was a big help it lists all fixitaives and stains and what not that you would expect to be on the exam.  I can do this for your student on Monday

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> Robert,
> Apart from what is recommended for the registry exam I would
> strongly recommend he reads the latest edition of John Kiernan's text,
> Histological and Histochemical Methods. Being available in paperback form it
> will not make a large dent in his wallet. This text is packed with
> information on technique and the background to it, plus, it's well written
> and easily read.
> Ian.
> Dr. Ian Montgomery,
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> I'm working with a thirtysomething man with a degree in chemistry and
> a good bit of experience under his belt, who in these bad times wound
> up signing on as a histech with no experience. Trained by an elderly
> minimally competent tech, he's rapidly blossomed - is making superb
> slides and is really interested in histotechnology. He's appalled by
> the minimal knowledge of science of his co-workers.
> With the base ulterior motive of trying to keep him from taking off
> when times get better, I've been strongly encouraging him to take the
> registry exam when he becomes eligible in a few more months. I'll try
> to work with him as much as I can.
> My question to you all is - what book should he be studying? Is the
> exam still based on Freida Carson's book (2nd ed) which we have, or is
> there a more recent book we should get?
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville TN
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