[Histonet] Bachelor's Degrees

Paula araniqkslvr <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Dec 2 16:21:24 CST 2009

When I first entered the field of histotechnology, I was told you needed on the job training or an Associate's degree for a HT and a Bachelors for a HTL. Yet so many ads nowadays state you MUST have a B.S. degree in science for a HT position.
Like I had written earlier in the year, I am trying to get back into the field and one place would train me if I had a B.S. in science (I don't--it's liber arts--long story--but I have 30+ credits in science from my A.A. and other courses here and there), but since I didn't have that specific degree they wouldn't even send in my resume. I did pass the exam and am HT registered.
What does everyone else think of this? It's just really annoying me. I know it's an employer's market out there, but still...


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