[Histonet] Thermo Slide Mate Printers

Laurie Elmgren lelmgren <@t> sunriselab.com
Sun Aug 30 15:34:03 CDT 2009

Hi Lisa,

I am currently using the Slide Mate printers in Histology.

My Personal experience using the instrument has been very good. The type
of slides used is critical, as well as handling them so that absolutely
no moisture is transferred to them. 

We tried several types of slides, and found by trial and error that some
come prestuck (together) and some do not, even same brands, different
styles. The frosted vs painted labeling area is really a non-issue. For
the charged slides we prefer a brand that was not recommended by Thermo
(because of the texture on the paint). We simply change the darkness
setting to adjust for that. Rarely the print will flake off  if frosted
slides are used and the print is touched when it is wet with water. I
have also found that using a dry clean brush to dust the inside after
every load is critical in avoiding jams. Aide from that, we have had no
problems. In fact, we have been very shorthanded, and without them our
work would never have gotten out on time and accurately labeled. We work
scanning one block, cut the block and by the time the ribbon is ready to
be picked up, the slide is printed. This avoids any mismatch of slide/

When used in conjunction with the printmate cassette printer, they
system is invaluable to me. 



Laurie Elmgren

Histology Supervisor



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