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When our new lab was built they gave us phones that could only be used
for dialing out...and none in the smaller, procedure rooms.  We argued
that the tissue processors and other instruments were often in these
procedure rooms and it would be handy if we needed a service tech to
walk us through a problem.  We ended up with the phones in the procedure
rooms and also a phone that allowed incoming calls in the main lab.
That way we could call the lab looking for individuals without having to
run around looking for them. 

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I'm having a challenge wrapping my head around this one: my boss wants
to know why I need a telephone in my new lab in the new building we're
moving into in January.  Part of this is cost (what isn't a cost issue
these days??) but I am to come up with justification for having a
telephone IN  the lab. The new phones will be cordless but he wants the
phone to be in the hallway for what he deems a safety issue (I am not a
BSL3 lab).  The new phone system will be individual lines for specific
locations within our facility. I'm the only tech and I'll have a 22x22'
lab and the adjoining (with separate entrance) storage room/volatile
storage and I will be doing specimen cut-in in another area altogether.
I know I've left out some salient points so if you need more info AND if
you have some logical input, please ANSWER offline to me directly.  I
can't figure out why I would NOT need a telephone... egad!  I was asked
how many calls (in/out) I make/receive per month as a basis for the
decision.  OMG.


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