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Here in our lab we section lots of rat & primate (large blocks) of frozen brain tissues.  We cut them at 40um
as free-floating sections & place each section in wells - using the 24 plate well.  The wells have 2ml each of
anti-freeze solution which is stored at 4C or -20C for IHC methods.  Here is the way we make it.
160ml X2 - PBS
120ml X2 - ethylene glyco
120ml X2 - glycerin
mix well & store at 4C
Tissues are kept well & IHC is very very good!  Hope this helps.

Maria Mejia
Histology Manager
Department of Neurosurgery
San Francisco, CA 94103
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I am currently doing cryosectioning- free floating sections (50um). After
slicing I place the sections in a well plate containing PBS. I was thinking
of using an antifreeze solution- are there commercial available solutions or
do I need to prepare it and if so how to make a working solution?


Nanyang Technological University
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