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Diagnostic BioSystems is and not .net.

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For IHC ancillary reagents (buffers, diluents, AR reagents), most of which 
are interchangeable, try the smaller companies, Biocare, Diagnostic 
Biosystems (, Cell Marque, Lab Vision (now under Thermo,, Scytek, among others. They are usually much cheaper 
since they are trying to get business away from the big companies.

Tim Morken
Supervisor, Histology / IPOX
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco, CA

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Hi everyone,

How are you experiencing the economic pressures and price changes for 
REAGENTS? I am sorry, but I just bought reagents from DAKO and, for the 
price I paid for 125 ml before, I got 15-50 ml :(

I am ready to switch to another company, but I need your suggestion about 
reagents for IHC and companies you are purchasing from: Peroxidase Block, 
Protein Block, Antibody diluents, DAB, AEC, different secondaries and 

Thanks in advance,

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