[Histonet] BSL3 clean-up and Paraffin odor

Mike Tighe mtighe <@t> trudeauinstitute.org
Mon Apr 13 12:31:32 CDT 2009

We have a BSL3 laboratory with a cryostat (TB research). The cryostat user asked me for the best method to decontaminate the cryostat. My suggestion was to clean the cryostat (while cold) with 95% ethanol followed by absolute ethanol after wards. Then to defrost the cryostat and clean with a stronger disinfectant such as amphyl/lysol. Does this sound reasonable to those of you who work with BSL3 level pathogens? Is there any thing you might add to this protocol?

Second, someone asked me if smelling the paraffin (not xylene) was hazardous to your health. I have never been concerned about the smell of paraffin alone but since it was asked of me I thought I would see if any of you have had to worry about this?


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