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Mon Apr 13 02:18:25 CDT 2009

Is he still here? I thought he'd gone, at least the moderator told me so
last week; Oh well never mind but I wish people wouldn't reply to his/ her
(must be a 'his') as it gets round my outlook rule and he doesn't go to the
trash can.

Please don't reply to whatever 'he' goads you into; please respect my

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"Bernie", list moderators, and people who are better at tracking things:
Looking at the long headers (that contain all the IP addresses of  
senders/receivers) "Bernie Taupin" emails originate from UNIVERSITY OF  
MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY and an IP address in Brooklyn  
NYC. Also, one can note, looking at the histonet archives, that  
"Bernie" and "aa" (in the long header, one can see that "aa" also used  
the address lactose.intolerant <@t> yahoo.com) use the same IPs and send  
messages within close proximity of each other. Both senders should  
clearly be ignored, and maybe someone from UMDNJ could look into the  
matter. Bernie is most likely in the medical profession, and posts to  
the list under his or her real name. This is clearly a case of  
professional misconduct and a misuse of public resources. I am not a  
IT professional, my analysis could be faulty, but, someone with the  
proper skills could track this down.

On Apr 10, 2009, at 5:20 PM, Bernie Taupin wrote:

> Hi Ann,
> How are things down there in "Flodrida"?  Glad you "get some money"  
> to buy something form "Smilestone"!
> Love,
> Bernie Taupin
> _____________________________
> Hi, all
>  We get some money recently and want to spend it on the HISTOS 5
> proceesor from Smilestone. But we are not sure whether it is worth
> purchasing. Does anyone here have any experiences or suggestions
> of it?
>  Thank you,
> Ann Fu
> University of Flodrida
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