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As a recovering Cytologist in the UK I think we have to screen about 7,000
slides per annum, but a 'Checker' less than that and a Medic even less. But
the rules may have changed as I've been out of Cytology for a number of
years. I know that Jade will have increased the number of women wanting
smears (can we can LBC smears?).

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Hello Histonetters,
I understand most of the professionals on this website are histology
professionals, however, I thought I would give it a try since I have not
found a cytology listserv yet. Does anyone know how many slides per day a
cytotechnologist would screen within a private lab setting (On average)? 
Alyssa Peterson
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Hi Alyssa - Get ready...here is the dirt

CAP follows CLIA-88, and both are quite clear on limits for Cytotech
They are "no more than 100 slides in 24 hours" and include gyn and non-gyn
including "new routine slides, 10% rescreen slides, and 5 year look back
negative slides"
"the maximum workload of 100 slides can be completed in no less than an
8-hour workday.  This workload can also be expressed as slides per hour and
is 12.5 slides/hour.  These total limits apply regardless of the number of
laboratories in which an individual works on a given day."
    Wait! it gets better....
"For primary screening of gyn liquid based preps" (read as Thin Prep) "each
slide must be counted as a single slide for the purpose of workload
"For primary screening of non-gyn liquid based preps" (read as Thin Prep)
"each slide may be counted as one-half slide for the purpose of workload
recording, provided that the cells are dispersed over one-half or less of
the total available slide area."
     Wait! there's still more...
"Workload calculations may vary with the use of automated screening
instruments. Laboratories should follow manufacturers instructions for
workload calculations and must assure that CLIAA-88 requirements are
	and just when you thought it was safe....
"The laboratory director must establish the maximum workload (based on the
capability/documented performance evaluation) for each individual examining
slides and the limit must be reassessed at least every 6 months."
The regulations go on to explain how the reassessment is to be done...blah,
blah, blah....
Though my background and education are in Histology, I've served as
technical supervisor over cytology departments for over 14 years, and the
above listed %#@&! is why Cytology can drive you up the wall.
Our cytotech's, when we had them, screened no more than 80 slides/day, when
all they did was screen.  No pulling slides, no running up to do an
FNA....just sitting non-stop and screening slides. UGH!
Sorry Histo folk - but some of you are probably in the same position as I
am, so please feel free to chime in.

Terri L. Braud, HT(ASCP)
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