[Histonet] many thank yous for all the excellent advice!

Andrea Grantham algranth <@t> email.arizona.edu
Wed Apr 1 14:45:41 CDT 2009

A few weeks ago I asked on Histonet for suggestions on processing and  
sectioning insects - cockroaches and mosquito GI tracts. After many  
emails and quite a few phone calls and some further research I was  
able to get very excellent sections of both and impress the crap out  
of the customers. ;-)

Many thanks to Gayle Callis, Bob Skinner, Barry Rittman, Pam Marcum  
and Brian Hewlett for all your help and to those who emailed about  
their experiences with Mollifex and Histogel. Couldn't have pulled  
this off with out all of you.

For the record I have made copious notes so anybody faced with insect  
processing should feel free to contact me for protocols.

Now if anybody has a copy of Barbosa's Manual of Basic Techniques in  
Insect Histology that they would like to part with pleeeeeze let me  
know. The book is out of print and I have been borrowing it from the  
Univ of New Mexico library.

Eternally grateful!

Andi Grantham


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