[Histonet] bone saws

Stephen Peters M.D. petepath <@t> yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 12:53:43 CST 2008

Dear Jacquie,
We have been using a combination of a $100 power hand saw made by Bosch with a vice
 I origially made for our labs use. After 4 years of success in our lab I have designed 
a "bone vice" for tightly holding bone specimens while using this inexpensive saw. When
 I originally introduced my prototype to our lab my PA came back to me saying I
 just finished 2 hours work in 20 minutes. With this combo you can completely slice 
a femoral head up like a hard boiled egg in a minute or two. Cutting the head in half 
takes seconds. My vice is designed agter molding femoral heads and creating several
 V shaped notched to hold the round surfaces. It is fixed to 1x1 ft corion platform and 
can be placed in the sink for cleaning. The link below will take you to my web page 
where you will see videos of this saw and vice. The saw is a easy to handle small 
power saw with a thin kerf. I believe this combo is a great deal safer than the band 
saws so many are using. I sell only the vice. The saw can be purchased from 
CPO bosch for the price of a disposible. Replacement blades are $15 and last for a
 long time. We change ours about once a year.

Stephen Peters M.D. 
Vice Chairman of Pathology
Hackensack University Medical Center 
201 996 4836
Pathology Innovations, LLC 
410 Old Mill Lane, 
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 
201 847 7600 

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