[Histonet] malachite green counterstain

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Mon Nov 24 00:40:19 CST 2008

   Check  the  original  source of your method. If it's a typed sheet
   with   forget   is   used      applications  are  summar   Biological  Stains</EM>.   follow   PAS,   I   recommend  any  ha   Mayers's,  Ehrlich's,  Gill's)  followed   green  FCF  (0.1-0.2% in 1-2% acetic acid). T   blue  nuclei  and  green  cytoplasm  and collagen. The green    bluish cast, but both colours contrast well with PAS. For a wi   variety of anionic counterstains in various colours, see Presnell J   K   &amp;   Schreibman   MP   (1997)   Humason's  Animal  Tissue
   Techniques,   Earlier     editions     of       information.<BR>&nbsp;<BR>John                        K   iernan<BR>Anatomy,    UWO<BR>London,   Canada<BR>-   -
   -<BR>   "napoli <@t> siscom.net"    &lt;napoli <@t> siscom.net&gt;<BR>Date:         Sunday,
   November      malachite green coun   histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu<BR><   Anyone  have knowledge of using malachite green as a<BR>   counterstain  for  PAS  stains  for  fungus? I have been getting<   BR>&gt;  poor  results  using  it  as  it tends to wash out very
   quickly   coverslipping.  Any    hasn't  worked  as  well  l   past...getting     mixed    succes   wrong<BR>&gt;       with      my      voodoo!<BR>&gt;   <BR>&gt;  Puzzled dermatotech<BR>&gt; <BR>&gt;
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