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Gudrun Lang gu.lang <@t>
Thu Nov 20 09:17:25 CST 2008

Hi Patsy,
I am interested in the names of this certain epitopes, that loose
stainability after long time storage.

And I'd like to ask all the other listmembers about their experiences with
this issue. Perhaps we can make a list of "dangerous" epitopes.

Gudrun Lang

Akh Linz, Austria

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I store all cut paraffin sections for IHC control at 4dc and without heating
to melt the paraffin, even with that I have seen some loss of antigenicity
over long periods of time for certain antibodies.


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The issue was brought up in the lab regarding the storing of IHC control 
slides. What experience has anyone had on the effects of long term storage 
and staining quality. We store the slides non preheated (with the paraffin 
still on them). 

Cindy J Chard-Bergstrom
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