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I am sorry---it is 5 trays of 10 including the RUSH tray


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Just another FYI...

The Biocare IntelliPath does the same thing, but has 4 trays of 10 and it allows 
you to make one of the trays?RUSH.? SO depending, on the volume?of IHC you do 
either of these machines would work out great.


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We just got the new Bond Max IHC stainer and we love it.  You just cut
the slides dry them and place them on the Bond.  It does retrieval,
antibody staining, and counter stain.  You just dehydrate , clear, and
mount your coverslip.  It is easy to use.  It has 3 individual slide
tray's of 10.  You can load more slides on the empty tray's and start a
new batch while the others are running.  We run into the pathologist's
adding more antibodies to the list an hour after we have run the first
batch frequently, so this feature is great.  When you add more IHC's the
run time on all the slide tray's run times do increase, but it's better
than having to wait another 2-3 hours to put your next set of immuno's


Hope this helps!


Josie Britton HT

Cheshire Medical Center

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Keene, NH 03431

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