[Histonet] Telly's fixative. Also Bodian.

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Wed Nov 19 11:04:46 CST 2008

   R. Tellyesniczky published more than one
   fixative,&nbsp;1898-190   AFA  or  FAA: mostly ethyl alcoh   and  about  5%  acetic  acid. It was    Bodian          (<EM>Anat.         Rec</EM>.         <S   TRONG>69</STRONG>:   153-162)   as   the   best  fixative  for
   subsequent     (<EM>Anat.   Rec<   89-97).   AFA   mixtures   are   gene   formaldehyde  fixatives  if you need to stain no   axons    in    paraffin    sections   with   any   silver   method.   <BR>&nbsp;<BR>Bob  Richmond may remember Bodian from Johns
   H   functional   in  people  wit   virus-killed&nbsp;   muscles  that were paralysed b   adult  human  spinal  cord  is  45 cm    columns   can   be   appreciated  only  in  transv   <BR>&nbsp;<BR>John   Kiernan<BR>Neuroanat   UWO<BR>London,    Canada<BR>&nbsp;    http://instruct   .uwo.ca/anatomy/530/<BR>=   =   =<BR>-----  Original
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